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Still installing locally
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Post by michaelm12932 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:53 pm

Hi all,

New to the website.

brief overview of my current setup.

At the moment I'm using Citrix to stream apps, I'm transitioning over to App-v. I've got the grasp of setting up the server side and started to package up simple programs.

My Citrix environment is random pool based which means the users never get the same virtual machine.

The issue I'm facing is programs where one user has access to one specific program, they could login into any random virtual machine and
the license follows it to the first machine they log into and gets stuck there.

when they log of and login the next day I get a licence error.

is there any way I can edit the packaging sequence to allow it follow the user to any virtual machine they log into?

many thanks,


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