Thomson Reuters and runVirtual

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Thomson Reuters and runVirtual

Post by garycoyle » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:02 pm

Hi all...been a while
I have sequenced Reuters Eikon and at first I went down the RunVirtual keys with the Office connection group. For this we tick "Allow virtual apps" only as that is our Office connection group settings. This caused some loss of functionality which was caused by: ielowutil.exe process is the Internet Low MIC Utility Tool. MIC stands for Medium Integrity Cookie, and it is part of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This was resolved by removing the connection group and ticking all 3 boxes on the advanced tab. Eikon has a shortcut to Excel in its source so I added 2 x shortcuts for Powerpoint and Word so the addins would appear. All good but I just know users will complain that they cannot open native excel or an .xls file and see the addin.

I cannot create another connection group with the 3 x boxes ticked as these users have many addins that use the 1 tick connection group.

Any work around that you guys can come up with much appreciated....



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