Uncaching apps that will not uncache

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Uncaching apps that will not uncache

Post by RoryRut » Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:59 pm

We have had a few problems with applications not being able to be cleared from the cache. We believe we have found the root cause. (new package/sequence of the same app, but used the same 8.3 directory name) We have come up with two different ways to get the trouble some app out of the cache. See below. After either method, you can then take a good package and cache it on the machine. Is there any harm in either method? And is there a better way?

First Way:
- Take inventory of apps that are on the machine. (we implemented in stand-alone mode and the context share is on each machine)
- Clear all applications from the cache using sftmime. ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\sftmime.exe" delete obj:app /global /LOG "C:\Windows\DeskMgmt\AppSupport\ManageAppVDskPkg\Logs\APCsftmimeLog.log")
- Add the packages back to the cache. ( we have a utility where we pass 'add' and 'package name')

Second Way:
- Go into the OSD Cache directory on the machine
- Find the OSDs for the application that you want to remove from the cache
- Rename those OSDs
- Stop and then start the App-V services on the machine.

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Re: Uncaching apps that will not uncache

Post by balthazar » Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:04 am

Have a pretty similar problem, it largely boils down to lackluster performance by the client.

In my case I just have two apps, say Firefox 4.0 and Firefox 5.0, they are not done as an upgrade because it causes problems (or in some cases we simply have 4.0 users AND 5.0 users and need two separate versions, then someone gets upgraded, what do you do?) so how do you get 5.0 out?

If you add permissions to 5.0 and pull them from 4.0 they now have a shortcut that wont work, and until they logoff/on it will stay that way. 9 times out of 10 however when logging off and back on it WILL put the new shortcut, but leave the old app in their cache, even though they have no rights and it was supposed to be pulled.

Killing processes is a bad idea, so sfttray.exe /exit /quiet is dangerous. Rebooting means logging the user out which means you cannot refresh the pub server for them, and while yes, a rebooted machine will respond to a sftmime.exe delete package op, it tends to leave their user cache full of useless data for an app they no longer have (sadly, the least awful outcome).

I ended up going with
sftmime.exe CLEAR APP:<appname> /LOG C:\InstallLogs\AppNameClear.log
SCCM reboot of the machine
sftmime.exe DELETE PACKAGE:<packagename /GLOBAL /LOG C:\InstallLogs\AppNameDelete.log

I was doing an UNPUBLISH before clear for awhile, and, honestly it doesn't hurt, but...truth of the matter is they are either not running the app when you kick this off, or they are, which makes clear either good enough, or not good enough.

No matter what you do, you WILL collect some level of detritus on the machine over time.

Pretty ironic for a "technology" at least partially aimed at keeping clutter off of machines.

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Re: Uncaching apps that will not uncache

Post by TammaraBc » Mon Oct 13, 2014 2:28 pm

Same problem with me. I found it challenging to clear the applications with my cache. But I tried to defragment the computer, install firewall and anti-virus to protect files from being destroyed which then speed up the system.
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