End user support in a locked down environment

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End user support in a locked down environment

Post by AppZ » Sat May 19, 2012 5:58 pm

Hi, after several months preparation we are very close to deploying App-V to end users. In phase 1 we will start with streaming apps from the App-V Management server to the Win 7 VDI desktop served by Citrix XenDesktop. We are using the latest version of all components.

We haven't reached a single user yet so the support topic has been touched yet.

The App-V client offers Delete, Lock, Clear, Repair, Import and a few other options that a supporter may want but the MMC cannot be opened as a standard user. End users can't elevate to Admin. If a support person remotes to the user machine/session and Shift-Right-clicks on "Application Virtualization Client" and clicks 'Run as different user' and logs on with their admin credentials the MMC console opens and presents the apps.

Does that way of opening the Client MMC permit the support person full control ? I ask because I experimented and could delete an application using the second 'supporter's' account but when creating a shortcut or unloading that wasn't reflected on the App-V client on desktop of the end user.

How in your experience is the App-V end user supported in a locked-down environment? At the moment we don't know how many calls may be received or how frequently apps need to be deleted, unloaded, locked etc.


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Re: End user support in a locked down environment

Post by kirk » Mon May 21, 2012 10:56 am


when opening the MMC as a different user, that different user's "settings" are affected (i.e. Add/remove Shortcuts and FTAs, "repair" affects the Supporter's settings, but not the ones of the user). Machine-wide operations (import, load, unload, completely-delete) of course affect all users on that machine.

We at Login Consultants once had a tool called "App-V Self Support tool" that allowed a user to launch/load/repair the "own" applications (but not FTAs or Shortcuts). However, this tool was never updated.
You could use ACDC (look at http://www.loginconsultants.com/index.p ... Itemid=149 for it, use command line SFTMIME tool.

Or... you may ask somebody how codes that for you with a nice GUI.

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