Scripts When Deploying To AD groups - (Fonts issue)

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Scripts When Deploying To AD groups - (Fonts issue)

Post by DxD » Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:24 pm

**Apologies for lack of section discipline first; we weren't sure whether to post - this started out as a 'sequencing' issue but ended up as a deployment query because of the current method of resolution***

We're sequencing an application which consists of several IE shortcuts to live and dev intranet sites (+ some registry and .Net caspol settings). Code in the launch URL pages does several requirement checks one of which is to check for the presence of a barcode font (3OF9___0.TTF)

The font can't be placed into the build because we can only use it commercially under licence for the main app - i.e. it has to be isolated to licensed users of that app.

The addition of this font therefore forms part of the monitoring phase of the sequencing and shows up in the fonts subsystem in the manifest.

<appv:Extension Category="AppV.Fonts">
<appv:Font Path="[{Fonts}]\3OF9___0.TTF" />

With all necessary base prerequisites in place I add the package (without config) and publish it to the user (using the stupendously excellent App-V Manage tool).

I launch the sites and the requirements check fails indicating that the barcode font is missing. If I debug the package and use explorer to browse to C:\Windows\Fonts the font does not appear, although it is there of course in the {Fonts} folder in the VFS.

In short the only way we could see to get this to work is to run a powershell script to install the font. I use ACE to create a Publish Package script (pointing at an open UNC location) in the Machine Configuration/Machine Scripts section of the _DeploymentConfig.xml file.

To get this to work I have to publish the package globally.

Question is this - we publish using the Management Console to AD user groups. If I add the package and then import the amended Deployment Configuration file (incorporating the script) to override the default is this going to work or since we're publishing to AD user groups will it simply be ignored?

If so how can I achieve the desired result in our environment? I suppose this is fundamentally a novice's question about global/user publishing and how this is played out in the management console.

*(Citrix-provisioned non-persistent desktops)
** Why don't I just deploy and test in live you quite reasonably ask? Because our new desktop image is 'sealed' at present (and for intervals of a couple of weeks) I can't presently test this in live because other pre-reqs for this app are missing.

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Re: Scripts When Deploying To AD groups - (Fonts issue)

Post by Tib » Fri Mar 06, 2015 12:14 am

If you want to publish global, add the computer account to the ad group.
Keep in mind publish actions in the deployment configuration only apply if you publish global.
If you want to publish to users, use the publish action in the user configuration.

But installing a font requires administration privileges, so you must indeed use the deployment configuration... Only make it an add package action, this will always run!!

Main question; why does the virtualized font not work.
I've sequenced lots of fonts without issues, how did you install it while in sequencing mode? Did it work while sequencing?
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Re: Scripts When Deploying To AD groups - (Fonts issue)

Post by seq_tim » Fri Mar 06, 2015 1:16 am

I launch the sites and the requirements check fails indicating that the barcode font is missing
This would seem to indicate that whatever was reading the font was not inside a process running in the virtual environment. A quick procmon trace would provide you the process. Then a runvirtual might be needed.

As to the script, if you use a machine account in the AD group for global publishing, it should be in the MachineConfiguration section; while if you use a User account it would be in the UserConfiguration section. But yeah, you must import the file under the advanced button of the console.
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