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SCCM, App-V, DP Streaming, DFS...

Post by RentATech » Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:38 pm

Ok, now that I've given up on using read-only cache for App-V with SCCM integration, let me run a senerio by you:

I am working in an environment that has SCCM with App-V integration. Currently, they are delivering sequenced applications to the user's system and executing locally. Now they are implementing a VDI solution. They want to leverage App-V for application delivery, but they want to save on disk space/cost. Since read-only cache is off the table, I am looking at streaming from the distribution point. Now, this is where the fun begins. They want to be able to scale out in approximately 5,000 user chunks for VDI. Looking at SCCM scaling for a DP, even with a ton of hardware, I'm looking at about 4,000 clients per DP ( ... lines.aspx). I would like to see if I could somehow use DFS so that I could create a pool of DP servers in the backend, without having to keep making configuration changes within SCCM or in the VDI solution. The only thing I really found on DFS for DPs is this:
Can I use DFS for my distribution point?

There is limited support for Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) in Configuration Manager 2007. Distribution points can be targets of a DFS root, but packages must be deployed to the shared folder on the distribution point, not to the DFS link name. Clients can use programs that point to <DFS root>\<DFS link>\<executable>. ( ... 92803.aspx)
Any suggestions?

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