Brava Client

Questions, comments, and suggestions for dealing with sequencing specific applications with, and Sequencer 5.0 itself.

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Brava Client

Post by RoryRut » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:16 am

Has anyone sequenced the Brava Client And if you have, were there any tricks that had to be used?

We are having an issue where it will not load when the appropriate link is clicked on a web site. We are running the app-v package on a Citrix server where we start a virtual process running IE and a specific URL in the virtual space. The other odd thing is that it will work for the packager but not for anyone else. But the packager is running the package with there non-packaging id from the same test Citrix servers that the other people are running from. The package was sequenced on Win7 machine. Our Citrix servers are 2008 R2.

We have had the App-V 4.6 package working for a long time now. We are migrating everything to App-V 5.1. Converting the package or doing a new sequence gives us the same results.

Any thoughts?

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