Attempting to Sequence Office 2007 Pro Plus...

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Attempting to Sequence Office 2007 Pro Plus...

Post by Tokoth » Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:12 pm

I'm trying to sequence Office 2007 Professional Plus for App-V 4.6, and seems to be failing miserably.

We are having trouble with Word launching, and half the time we aren't even getting the icons to appear on the client desktop during test package imports (We have verified proper client/server communication via the default application and sequencing other packages such as Access 97 and Office 2000).

We are attempting to perform the sequencing of the package following the information put forth on this blog: ... steps.aspx but the guide is for a previous version of the APP-V sequencer. We are following the instructions for a Q drive installation.

The steps that seem different now are:

- Addition of .dll files to the Virtual File System has to come as the last step before creating the package.
- We do not see a 'Virtualization Flag' for step 27 (Removing the flag from the CSIDL_APPDATA\microsoft\Templates

The OS of the Sequencer is Windows 7 Enterprise 32-Bit and the OS of the client is Windows 7 Professional.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Attempting to Sequence Office 2007 Pro Plus...

Post by kirk » Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:25 am


as for all App-V troubleshooting, it first has to be identified if it is a publishing (deployment) or virtualization (execution) issue.
From what you are writing, the issue seems to be publishing related (i.e. user don't get the icon).

This may have several reasons
- you are using an App-V Management Server and that isn't stable
- you are trying to deploy the package to different operating systems, some of them fail
- you are trying to deploy to different users

could you publish the App-V client error log file from a failing client?
- Go to the Client machine, log on as an administrator, open the Client Management Console (sftcmc.msc), Right-Click "ApplicationVirtualization (Local) -> Properties. in the [General] Tab, click "Reset".
- log off
- log on ras a "normal" user
- manually force a Publishing Refresh: "sfttray /refreshall". The log file is located at "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Client\sftlog.txt" by default.

Also, you may publish one of the OSD files.

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Re: Attempting to Sequence Office 2007 Pro Plus...

Post by aaronparker » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:21 pm

What DLL files are you having to add to the package?
the "remove the virtualization flag" is now "Merge with Local" or "Override Local" - set this to "Merge with Local"
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