AppV 5.1 client for RDS user hive keys

Configurating App-V Client components

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AppV 5.1 client for RDS user hive keys

Post by stuart.macintyre » Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:26 pm

Hello great info and very helpful!

I have a strange issue with an app and the Registry keys it is creating after it is launched

Windows 2012R2 RDS
AppV Client 5.1 for RDS

Users log into the RDS desktop and the AppV client caches the app and presents the desktop icon. The app runs fine.


As the app is launched it creates some ODBC.ini keys with paths to certain report files the app creates during use, this is created in the users virtual registry, that the app can reference.
These reg keys should be REG_SZ with a path, but the keys that get created are unicode/binary value that the app doesn't understand.

Is there a way to force the AppV client to create these keys as REG_SZ?



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